our simple, natural recipe

  • fresh local cows milk & cream
  • cane sugar

real ingredients

  • real strawberries
  • homemade caramel & honeycomb
  • peeled bananas & roasted cardamom
  • real vanilla pods
  • homemade cookies
  • madagascan chocolate homemade brownie
  • roasted coffee beans & walnuts
  • coconut, raspberries & homemade shortcake
  • roasted peanuts

real taste less fat, naturally

using the finest ingredients,
locally sourced wherever possible.


All our ingredients come to us in a raw form: we hand-peel bananas, slice strawberries, remove pods from fresh vanilla beans, make our own caramel sauce using local cream, & roast our walnuts and cardamom pods.

the whole fruit

We take time to source the finest local whole berries, fruit, nuts and spices in our ice cream for the fullest flavour and goodness. Freshly-picked and treated with care, you’ll experience the real taste, as nature intended.


Our caramel, cookies, shortcake, brownies and honeycomb are all homemade by us. And, just like everything else that goes into our ice cream, we only use natural, great-tasting ingredients.