the real story

a new generation
of ice cream.

Our family has been making gelato ice cream for generations. We’ve grown up with it, (in our grandfathers ice cream factory) we lived it and love it. i’m real ice cream was born from our love of gelato but with a look to the future. Our vision for ice cream brings a new twist on traditional flavours, using the highest quality natural, local and ethically sourced ingredients. No artificial flavouring, coloring or preservatives, just honest, delicious, homemade ice cream with big flavour and little environmental impact.

Gelato is the original Italian method of making ice cream, we believe it’s the only way to make ice cream;

I’m real ice cream is less airy and more milky than other ice creams but with less fat and sugar (and, consequently, less guilt). This means that this super smooth, clean ice cream allows the natural flavours to really sing.

From the homemade honeycomb, salted caramel, crushed berries and toasted nuts to the vanilla pods, roasted coffee beans, ground cardamom, white chocolate freckles and homemade cookies; we want your taste buds to be utterly spoilt.